Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming in October

DEADLY EYES! and American Nightmare double bill

In October (Oct. 25th, 11pm at Club SAW) The folks from the Trash Palace in Toronto will co-present the killer rat epic "Deadly Eyes" (1982, 87mins, 16mm) AKA Rats

and will also be playing American Nightmare (1983), 16mm print

here's the trailer for Deadly Eyes:


toytle said...

Hi, I'm an avid fan of film making and interested mainly in horror but am open to all kinds and recently attended the Fan Expo 2008 in Toronto.

Vagrancy Film sent me your way and made me aware of your greatness and I hope to work with the both of you in the near future even if on a volunteer basis, but hopefully perm where I can help out with festivals and helping create various events.

I look forward to attending some upcoming events and please email me at h_kaminski@hotmail.com to keep me posted with any updates, if you have Facebook add me as I'm Heather Kaminski in the Ottawa, ON network.

If you have any personal pages I should sign up for let me know so I can subscribe and be updated constantly.

Speak to you soon.

Heather Kaminski (Hez)

Gordo said...

We do have a facebook site...
search for Saturday Night Sinema

toytle said...

I just joined the facebook group and will forward an invite to friends who'd be interested!

Thank you again for being so great and I look forward to attending many events!

<3 Hez