Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Booth at Club SAW

The Club SAW Projection Booth

Thanks go out to Paul Gordon, John Yemen, Chris Green, Markus Lemm, ET and Stefan St. Laurent for all their help setting up the projectors and getting the space in order. We also thank SAW Video for letting us use their storage space, SAW Gallery for helping with the renos, IFCO for letting us use a rewind table, Quickbeam films for donating hand rewinds plus a amp and Dolby processor, and the Bytowne Cinema for donating a booth monitor and a scope lens. A big thanks to Peaches for suppying the funds to buy the gear!!!


35mm package

Super Simplex 35mm projector
4-Star RCA sound head
ORC 1000 watt Xenon Lamphouse
Dolby Stereo Processor CP55 with a SR/A card
QSC 1500 Power Amp
Altec Booth Monitor
90mm 1.85 lens, 150mm Scope backing lens with ISCO Anamorphic
6000ft or 2000ft reels

16mm package

Provost 16mm Projector (Maltese cross movement)
500 watt Xenon lamphouse
6000ft reel capacity

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